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Главная » 2008 » Сентябрь » 17 » Первые оценки Crysis Warhead
Первые оценки Crysis Warhead
На западных игровых порталах стали появляться первые рецензии на игру Crysis Warhead. Рецензенты сошлись во мнении, что Crysis Warhead лучше чем оригинальный Crysis по всем параметрам.

IGN - 9.4
"Crytek claims that Warhead is better optimized than Crysis, and everything I experienced confirms this. In fact, what's amazing is that Warhead not only runs better than Crysis, it looks better than Crysis."

Eurogamer - 9/10
"The original Crysis may have given you the basic tools, but Warhead allows you to really use them, and while its previous titles made it clear that Crytek knew technology like few others, it's this strange off-shoot Warhead that proves it's no slouch when it comes to level design and set-pieces either."

GamingHeaven - 93/100
"Crytek have clearly listened to the criticism levelled at Crysis and have produced a stunning expansion which surpasses the quality of the original in every way possible. Fabulous."

PC Zone (CVG) - 9.2
"Warhead honestly is the finest burst of action gaming released so far this year"
"Psycho is many things but, as he'd tell you just before throwing you into the sea, he's certainly no muppet."
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